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Baker's End 2 June 2016

So... we're thrilled to announce a murksome and swervish new audio series, starring Tom Baker – as himself. Baker’s End stars the acting legend alongside former Doctor Who companion Katy Manning, and Susan Jameson, who played opposite Tom in the AudioGo Doctor Who audio series. The series is written by Paul Magrs (Doctor Who, Brenda and Effie), and the first episode, The King of Cats, will be released on September 2nd. It's available to pre-order now.

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Tom Baker and Katy Manning in... 30 May 2016

Later this week we'll be announcing our next release, something we're very excited about. Though some of you already have a pretty good idea, as some technically-inept halfwit (me) pressed the wrong button and sent out a notification email early. But for the rest of you, keep an eye on our Facebook page and all will be revealed in the next day or two.

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